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Author: Rhonda Byrne

Brand: Simon & Schuster

Color: Blue

Edition: UK ed.


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Number Of Pages: 272

Release Date: 17-08-2010

Details: Product Description
The Secret – The Power is a self-help book, which revolves around the basic concept of POWER, which is widespread around the globe. The knowledge about the Power can be associated with wealth, self-belief and affection, in order to achieve contentment, aims and objectives in life. The book emphasizes on the fact that if a person has faith in himself and approaches life with a positive attitude, he or she can achieve success to the maximum limit.
The Power to Believe can lead a person to achieve healthy relationships, monetary success and fine health. In short, a person can achieve whatever is desired by him or her just by having faith and belief in oneself. Good emotions and feelings can be attained by welcoming and appreciating the environment around us. According to the author, emotions play a very significant role in a person’s life. If one concentrates on just happy recollections instead of past not-so-good happenings, positive transformations are bound to get attracted. Also, the fact ‘receive more love upon giving more love’ is emphasized on in the book. It is a sequel to the Secret. Also, the book has been adapted into an audio CD. The write-up is available online at Amazon India.
About the author:
Rhonda Byrne is a television producer. Also, she had been listed by the TIME magazine on the 100 Most Influential People of The World. Her other creations include; The Magic, The Secret Daily Techniques and The Secret Gratitude.
Few names have as much resonance as Rhonda Byrne’ –The Times^`If you loved The Secret, The Power is your reading must-have . . . Brilliant’ –Look Magazine
About the Author
Rhonda Byrne rose to fame as a best-selling author across the world with her book The Secret. She is also a television producer. Byrne was listed by the Time magazine as one among the top 100 most influential people. Apart from this book, she has also authored The Magic, The Secret Daily Teachings and The Secret Gratitude.


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