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Author: Mario Puzo

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Release Date: 21-02-1991

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A legend is born
Mario Puzo’s novel, The Godfather, has dominated the cinema and book culture for years and left behind an unparalleled legacy. The superlatives used to describe the life and times of Don Corleone, a renowned Sicilian mobster and a feared mafia lord of the Cosa Nostra in the 60’s New York and his familial ties portray a powerful picture of the mafia world. The characters have been described as gritty and hardened at first; but slowly the novel reveals how greed and ambition transforms a man from a powerful entity to a sad microcosm. Amidst all the violence and chaos, readers are left with the most spine-chilling questions of all: How far would you go to save your family?
Exemplary characterisations and a fast-paced plot
The novel begins with the events that transpire at Connie Corleone’s wedding, daughter of Don “The Godfather” Corleone, head of the five greatest mafia clans of New York. As Don is incapacitated by an assassination attempt, the Corleone family must go through a transformation to maintain the power dynamics and progress in the mafia world. Santino Corleone is too brash and spontaneous to be a leader while Freddie Corleone is just basically soft. The book hitherto follows the transformation of Michael Corleone as he realises that although he is an iconoclast who is against what his father represents, blood is stronger than water; and within him lies a true Sicilian who would go to every length to protect his beloved ones. Thus, Michael Corleone sets forth a journey where he faces violence, exacts revenge, experiences love and loss and finally regains the stature that the Corleone family once possessed.
About The Author
Mario Puzo is a globally renowned American author and screen writer who was born in 1920 in the Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood of New York. His three-part crime saga about the Mafia, The Godfather, are considered golden classics along with the three films that the books were adapted into. He received the ‘Academy Award’ for ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’ for the first and third instalments of the movie trilogy. Mario Puzo is also the screenwriter who wrote the screenplay for the original Superman movie in 1978. His last novel, The Family, was released after his death in 2001.
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“‘As for fiction, there can only be one choice –
The Godfather'” (
The Times)

The Godfather, one of the most entertaining and absorbing popular novels of the postwar period… Puzo’s masterpiece” (
Robert McCrum in the Observer)
Book Description
‘As for fiction, there can only be one choice – The Godfather’ The Times
About the Author
Mario Puzo was born in Hell’s Kitchen on Manhattan’s West Side and following military service in World War II, attended New York’s New School for Social Research and Columbia University. His best-known novel, The Godfather, was preceded by two critically acclaimed novels published in the early sixties, The Fortunate Pilgrim and The Dark Arena; in 1978 he published Fools Die, in 1984 The Sicilian, and in 1992 The Fourth K. Mario Puzo also wrote ten screenplays, including Superman and Superman II. For both of his screen adaptations of The Godfather he won Academy Awards. He died in 1999 at his home in Long Island.

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