Super Trader, Expanded Edition: Make Consistent Profits in Good and Bad Markets


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A fast-paced guide to mixing the perfect blend of psychology and strategy—from trading legend Van Tharp!
How do you transform yourself frommild-mannered investor to SuperTrader? Think clearly. Plan accordingly.Commit completely. In other words, becomea trader. And no one is better suited to helpyou make the transformation than legendarytrading educator and author Van K. Tharp.
Combining the sharp insight and technicalbrilliance that has drawn legions of investorsto his books and seminars, Tharp provides aholistic approach for becoming a successfulfull-time trader. His system—a meld ofinvesting psychology and sound tradingpractice—is the secret to achieving optimumconditions that produce results in both bulland bear markets.
Using the lessons of Super Trader, you willapproach trading as you would a smallbusiness—realistically, systematically, andenthusiastically. Drawing on his decades ofexperience, Tharp has created a simple plandesigned to help anyone master the market.You can put this plan to use immediately inorder to:

Master the psychology of trading
Craft a “business plan”—a workingdocument to guide your trading
Develop a trading system tailoredfor your personal needs and skills
Create position-sizing strategiesto meet your objectives
Monitor yourself constantly tominimize mistakes

Throughout the book, Tharp asks the pertinentquestions you must ask yourself aboutbecoming a trader, being a trader, and succeedingas a trader.
The rewards that come with being a SuperTrader—both financial and personal—makeyou feel as if you can leap small buildings ina single bound. Whatever your skill level,Tharp provides the formula for succeedingin a field where most people fail.
Book Description
Bestselling author, trading psychology legend, and Super Trader, Van K. Tharp provides the wisdom, perspective, and tactical strategies traders will use to succeed in their endeavors. For traders at all skill levels, Adventures in Super Trading, combines sound trading practices with the natural behavioral characteristics to get traders into the best possible condition mentally to perform at peak levels.
About the BookThe golden rule of super traders is to let your profits run! Tharp shows readers how to do just that by cutting losses short and meeting investment goals through the judicious use of position sizing. Position sizing helps traders determine their risk/reward ratio and what they expect from an average trade. It is a key aspect of a winning trading system. Tharp’s approach is both performance-driven and grounded in trading psychology. A super trader’s system combines these elements as well.
In this concise, informative book, Tharp draws on decades of experience as a Super Trader and trading educator, sharing with readers his essentials for mastering the market. Tharp walks readers through the key elements in thinking and acting like a Super Trader: having a trading system that meets stated objectives, understanding the big picture, battling judgmental heuristics, and mastering position sizing.
This is accomplished through Tharp’s proven approach to R-multiples system and a deep understanding of trading psychology. It’s not about prediction or stock picking… it’s a strategy great traders use as they codify their own trading system. Tharp gives traders insight into the market moves and psychology of super traders, with concepts, tactics, and advice they can take to the bank.
Written in Tharp’s trademark avuncular style, the concepts and tactics are brought to life by a combination of charts, figures, and illustrations.
Market / AudienceActive traders, readers of Tharp’s previous books and newsletters, readers of books such as Way of the Turtle, Trend Following, The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets, and The Little Book That Makes You Rich.
Author ProfileVan K. Tharp, Ph.D., is the founder and president of the Van Tharp Institute. He is regarded as an international leader among professional t

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