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Author: Cussler Clive

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Package Dimensions: 38x196x380

Number Of Pages: 560

Release Date: 12-01-2017

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The eleventh classic Dirk Pitt novel, where the adventurer is drawn to a secret in the burning African desert, which could destroy all life in the world’s seas.
Deep in the African desert, Dirk Pitt discovers that a top secret scientific installation is leaking a lethal chemical into the rivers, threatening to kill thousands of people – and to destroy all life in the world’s seas.
To warn the world of the catastrophe, Pitt must escape capture and death at the hands of a ruthless West African dictator and French industrialist, and undertake a long, perilous journey across the merciless Sahara…
Praise for Clive Cussler:
‘Cussler is hard to beat’ Daily Mail
‘The Adventure King’ Sunday Express
‘Much fun, crisply told, with exciting special effects’Kirkus Review
‘Just about the best storyteller in the business’ New York Post
‘Clive Cussler is the guy I read’ Tom Clancy
‘No holds barred adventure … a souped-up treat’ Daily Mirror
‘Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt are the first names in adventure’ Stephen Coonts
‘Frightening and full of suspense … unquestionably entertaining’ Daily Express
‘Clive Cussler has no equal’ Publishers Weekly
About the Author
Clive Cussler is the author or co-author of a great number of international bestsellers, including the famous Dirk Pitt® adventures, such as Havana Storm; the NUMA® Files adventures, most recently The Pharaoh’s Secret; the Oregon Files, such as The Emperor’s Revenge; the Isaac Bell historical thrillers, which began with The Chase; and the recent Fargo Adventures which lastly included The Solomon Curse. He lives in Arizona.


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