Poseidon’s Arrow: Dirk Pitt #22 (Pre-Loved)


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Author: Cussler Clive

Package Dimensions: 19x214x358

Number Of Pages: 512

Release Date: 07-10-2016

Details: About the Author
Clive Cussler (Author)

Clive Cussler is the author or co-author of a great number of international bestsellers, including the famous Dirk Pitt® adventures, such as

Havana Storm; the NUMA® Files adventures, most recently

The Pharaoh’s Secret; the
Oregon Files, such as

The Emperor’s Revenge; the Isaac Bell historical thrillers, which began with
The Chase; and the recent Fargo Adventures which lastly included
The Solomon Curse. He lives in Arizona.

Dirk Cussler (Author)
Dirk Cussler, the son of Clive Cussler, has an MBA from Berkeley. He is the co-author of
Crescent Dawn, Black Wind, Treasure of Khan,
Arctic Drift, Poseidon’s Arrow and
Havana Storm.


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