Odessa Sea: Dirk Pitt #24 (The Dirk Pitt Adventures, 24) (Pre-Loved)


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Author: Cussler Clive

Brand: Penguin Random House

Package Dimensions: 36x194x340

Number Of Pages: 480

Release Date: 14-12-2017

Details: Product Description
The new Dirk Pitt adventure from the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling authorAs Director of the National Underwater and Marine Agency, Dirk Pitt has always had a knack for finding rouble. This time, though, trouble has found him . . .On a NUMA mission to the Black Sea to locate the wreck of a lost Ottoman Empire ship, Pitt and his friend Al Giordino respond to an urgent Mayday from a nearby freighter.But by the time they reach the area there’s no one left alive – just dead bodies and the smell of sulphur in the air. When a massive blast from the stern suddenly scuttles the ship, Pitt and Giordino are lucky not to add to the death toll.As they investigate the fate of the lost ship, they’re plunged deep into an extraordinary series of discoveries.And when connections emerge between a desperate attempt in 1917 o preserve the wealth and power of the Romanov empire, a Cold War bomber lost with a deadly cargo, modern-day nuclear smugglers and a brilliant engineer developing cutting-edge drone technology, Pitt is face with the most dangerous challenge of his career. One that will threaten the lives of his family and friends.Packed with breathtaking suspense, switchback plotting and remarkable imagination, Odessa Sea proves once again that, when it comes to adventure, Clive Cussler is in a league of his own.Praise for Clive Cussler:’Cussler is hard to beat’ Daily Mail’Oceanography’s answer to Indiana Jones. Exotic locations, ruthless villains, and many narrow escapes – Cussler’s fans come for swashbuckling and he delivers’ Associated Press’Nobody does it better. . . nobody!’ Stephen Coonts’Just about the best storyteller in the business’ New York Post’The adventure king’ Daily Express
Cussler is hard to beat ―
Daily Mail

Frightening and full of suspense . . . unquestionably entertaining’ ―
Daily Express

The adventure king ―
Daily Express

Dirk Pitt is oceanography’s answer to Indiana Jones. Exotic locations, ruthless villains, and many narrow escapes and derring-do. Cussler’s fans come for swashbuckling [and] he delivers ―
Associated Press

Nobody does it better . . . nobody! — Stephen Coonts

Just about the best storyteller in the business ―
New York Post
About the Author
Clive Cussler was the author and co-author of a great number of international bestsellers, including the famous Dirk Pitt® adventures, such as
Celtic Empire; the NUMA® Files adventures, most recently
Fast Ice; the
Oregon Files, such as
Marauder; the Isaac Bell historical thrillers, which began with
The Chase; and the recent Fargo Adventures, which lastly included
Wrath of Poseidon. Cussler died in 2020.

Dirk Cussler, the son of Clive Cussler, has an MBA from Berkeley. He is the co-author of
Crescent Dawn, Black Wind, Treasure of Khan,
Arctic Drift, Poseidon’s Arrow,
Havana Storm
, Odessa Sea, and

Celtic Empire,
and continued the Dirk Pitt series with
The Devil’s Sea.


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