India Since 1947: The Independent Years


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Author: Gopa Sabharwal

Brand: Penguin Random House

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Number Of Pages: 400

Release Date: 29-08-2017

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The best compendium on post-1947 India
This definitive guide to India takes us through the events, personalities and changes that have shaped the country in the seventy years since Independence. It traces the coming into being of the nation; the drawing and redrawing of its internal boundaries; and the functioning of its democracy-the transition from single-party dominance to the emergence of parties representing various ideologies and interest groups. The book records the metamorphosis of India’s economy, driven by self-sufficiency to one propelled by economic reforms, liberalization and globalization. It provides a view of a society that has enacted some far-reaching legislation ensuring equal rights for all citizens and safeguarding the rights of the vulnerable.
Arranged chronologically, India since 1947 covers a wide range of topics, from agriculture, archaeology and the arts to science and technology, sports and wars, and everything else in between. A separate outline of the main events leading up to Independence and interesting factoids on each page make for an engaging read.
About the Author
Gopa Sabharwal’s career and interests have involved a multidimensional engagement with Indian society, be it through developing and directing India-focused television shows, fieldwork on ethnic identities in urban Karnataka or mapping the history of society.
In 1993, Gopa founded the department of sociology at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. She was a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at Chatham University, Pittsburgh (2006). From 2010 to 2016, she served as the founding vice chancellor of Nalanda University, establishing a twenty-first-century international university.
Her books include Ethnicity and Class: Social Divisions in an Indian City (2006), The Indian Millennium: AD 1000-2000 (2000 and 2002) and some bestselling quiz books for Penguin. She lives in New Delhi.


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