Do the Hard Things First: How to Win Over Procrastination and Master the Habit of Doing Difficult Work


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Author: Allan Scott

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Release Date: 15-06-2021

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Break the Procrastination Habit, Accelerate Your Productivity, and Take Control of Your Life Today.

Are you living in chaos because you constantly put off critical tasks until the last minute? Do you feel disorganized both at home and at work? Do you experience feelings of anxiety, frustration, and helplessness with all your incomplete projects?

If so, it’s time to beat analysis paralysis, boost productivity, and implement a proven system to enhance self-discipline.

You will learn to defeat procrastination and eliminate negative self-talk so you can end the chaos of task avoidance. In this hands-on practical guide, learn effective strategies to reverse bad habits and overcome self-sabotage so that you can stop guilting yourself for being lazy.

In Do the Hard Things First, you’ll discover how to:

Build up a list of small wins so you can defeat anxiety and overwhelm.
Break your fear of taking action by removing self-limiting obstacles.
Construct your environment to remove clutter and eliminate decision fatigue.
Prioritize your tasks by focusing on doing one thing per day.
Train your brain to master attention by interrupting sudden “impulse snaps”

Do the Hard Things First is structured to save you time, increase mental energy, and teach you to think from a mindset built with confidence. You’ll learn how to focus in on critical priorities, eliminate overwhelm, and become the best version of yourself in both your work and in life.

“The author delves into how behaviour matters and provides strategies and process to take these head on to minimize or eliminate the distractions that cause delays and procrastination. From how you live your daily life to how successful you are in your chosen career, Scott Allan has included methodologies to help guide the reader down the right path.”
— Bill Miller, bestselling author of Rookie CEO

Do you think you’re lazy and that’s why you get nothing done? Quote – Your mind isn’t lazy, it just needs to be disciplined with a new set of behaviour. I love this about the author. Every book he gets down more to the nitty gritty which helps us understand how we operate and stops procrastination. He teases out for us how to work our way towards success. Every page is filled with gems.”
— Amazon Kindle Reader

“This is a helpful book for anyone who struggles with procrastination. The section of the book on the cost of self-sabotage was really convicting and instructive to me. I now have positive strategies to help set myself up well instead of shooting myself in the foot. I understand now that critical task avoidance is a pattern of repetition that must be broken.
— Amazon Kindle Customer”

No need to beat around the bush. Scott takes his personal experiences – successes and failures and got it down to some practical and actionable steps to move forward. And if you are a procrastinator, like many of us, we need the actionable and practical. “The journey is the reward,” writes Scott and the journey he will take you on will inspire, challenge and change the course of your life for the better.”
— Amazon Kindle Customer”As a chronic procrastinator, I sought practical help in this book and was not disappointed. I received an advanced copy of the book but I went ahead and bought a copy because I know I will be reading it multiple times as I gradually master each of the steps. I am immediately going to begin working on closing my open loops and interrupting my impulse snaps. If you struggle with procrastination, I highly recommend you read this book and do the Implementation Tasks.” — Mary Dunn, DTHTF Reader

“I always think when I get this, or do that I’ll be finished and then I’ll be “happy”. Truth is: it never ends. I leaned early on if I wanted my kids to do something, they didn’t get the reward until what they needed to do was done. (or it didn’t get done.) This is so true for all of us. Great ideas in this book about “Why” we act this way, and ho


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